Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery before and after photos

Jennifer Lin Lopez was born on July 24, 1969 in New York, USA. She is a popular American actress and singer.

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Stars with Hispanic roots like to correct their appearance. So, one of the most highly paid Hollywood actresses Jennifer Lopez made the nose plastic.

 Jennifer Lopez Cosmetic Procedures

On the face of actress and singer Jennifer Lopez it is difficult to make out wrinkles. Most likely she uses injections of Botox or Restylane, and to make her skin smooth it was enabled by the laser technique of rejuvenating Fraxel. According to rumors, Jennifer Lopez, in addition to nose plasty, also corrected the oval of the face and made plastic lips. It is not excluded that after giving birth the singer used the operation for breast augmentation.

Jennifer Lopez did not arrange his own nose
Today you will not be surprised at a plastic surgery. Stars of the theater and cinema, singer and musicians, politicians and business ladies – all are not indulging in the services of aesthetic surgeons. And when you look at the seductive forms of this or that beauty or the courageous attractive face of some Hollywood hero, the public quite naturally asks the question – is it really, in fact, wealth?

Although all the stars unanimously refute the speculation on this matter. But persistent rumors of plastic surgery do not cease to run on the pages of newspapers. And many of these rumors are reasonably sound. Not the exception is the most highly paid Latin American Hollywood – the beauty of Jennifer Lopez. When looking at the pictures, it becomes obvious that the actress has made rhinoplasty, correcting both the wings of the nose and the width of the bridge of the nose. In addition, the press ascribes Jay Lo a correction to the oval face and the plasticity of the lips.

Despite her age, Jennifer will not find the slightest wrinkle on her face. Specialists-cosmetologists are sure that this effect can be achieved only with the help of injections of Botox or Restylane, as well as the laser method of rejuvenating Fraxel.

Jay Law turned to plastic surgeons?

Maternity – pregnancy, childbirth, feeding of babies – inevitably leaves its traces on the woman’s body. Stretch marks, pigmented spots, sagging breasts and abdomen – it often takes more than a month, or even a year, to recover from childbirth. And due to the individual characteristics of the body, not everyone can completely return the old form. In such cases plastic surgery comes to the aid of female beauty.

Liposuction (removal of fat deposits), abdominoplasty (correction of the distended abdomen) and mammoplasty (lifting and a small breast enlargement) – and your figure will be as good as new! It’s no wonder that almost all the movie stars and pop stars go straight to aesthetic surgery clinics after birth. After all, it is long and unreliable to recover naturally. And show business and movies require stars to always be in great shape.

Did not escape this fate and the popular actress and singer Jennifer Lopez. After the birth of twins, the young mother brought her body in order with the help of a plastic surgeon. The actress himself categorically refutes these rumors, but the facts speak for themselves – a short time after the birth of Jay Luo again in great shape!

Jennifer Lopez made an ideal of herself

Jennifer Lopez is already over forty, but it does not look like it. And the skin, what skin! That’s what plastic surgery means! Jennifer is one of the few celebrities who has not gone too far with operations and made from his body almost an ideal. Jennifer made her nose smaller and corrected the oval face. She constantly uses subcutaneous injections, so that the skin on her face is elastic and pleasant in appearance.

When Jennifer Lopez gave birth, she immediately began to restore the body, re-molding herself. She got rid of excess fat, tightened her breasts, removed stretch marks – and in that way. But look at the Jay Lo’s attentiveness more closely … What do you see there? Yes! The skin on the face is not stretched like that of the young stellar old men. But, unfortunately, and Lo will grow old, so she will have a tight face. So far, no one has abolished old age. We, mortals, can only delay its approach with the help of aesthetic medicine!

Diet Jennifer Lopez

The famous singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is not very thin. Nevertheless, she pays much attention to her figure and often sits on diets. In order to get oneself in shape, it lasts one week. The principle of diet is quite simple: reducing the usual diet and completely giving up salt and sugar.

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