Most of you know exactly who Jennifer Lopez is. Successful American actress, singer, dancer, film producer and fashion designer of Puerto Rican origin. Jennifer was born 24 July 1969 year. She is also a singer, TV presenter, television producer and judge of the popular reality show American Idol. Like, Jennifer or J. Lo, as it knows most of the fans are doing well so far, and looks with this stunning and sexy.

Jennifer Lopez at the age of 49. 2018

Although this year marks 50 years, she looks much younger, about thirty. In fact, if there’s a list of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez will surely be at the top of the list.

However, some people wonder if its natural beauty and youth at this age. That’s why there’s been so much talk about her in celebrity circles lately. Many fans suggest that a very young look Jennifer not from the fact that mother nature is good to her, but from the fact that her body has undergone plastic surgery.

What Does Jay Lo say about his plastic surgery?

J. Lo denies that she went under the knife, saying in an interview for the website “make me heal” that she, like most women in Hollywood, does not want to get cosmetic surgery to improve her face and body, but she also does not want to judge anyone who has undergone such procedures.


Official version

There are no official grounds for rumors that fill chat rooms and blogs. None of Jennifer Lopez’s Friends or doctors have come to talk about her having plastic surgery. That means there’s no official reason to believe she went under the knife. But all same fans, and plastic surgeons, continue to to discuss subject.


Several plastic surgeons looked at old photos of Jennifer Lopez and compared them with photos taken recently. The result is surprising. Dr. Bruce Katz, a certified dermatologist, suggests that Jennifer received Botox injections to get such a smooth, beautiful face. He also suggests that she underwent an eyebrow lift. Dr. Steven Perlman supports Dr. Katz. However, none of these doctors mentioned any serious plastic surgery procedures.

However, not all doctors agree with this lack of augmentation. Dr. Kyle M. Beck disagrees. He thinks Jennifer’s lines are talking about improvement here and there. He suggested that she had breast implants and a breast lift, as well as an increase in the buttocks.

In his report, he says that Jay Lo’s body has changed markedly over the past few years. A couple of years ago, her Breasts and ass were sagging and deflated, which is normal for a mother of two children at her age.

Jennifer Lopez before and after plastic surgery

Jennifer Lopez before and after plastic surgery

However, now her Breasts are lifted and firm and seem to be a bit bigger than before, which could speak to breast lift and silicone implants. However, a similar look can be created with a push-up bra with underwire support to reach the lift.

Gossip magazine debunks allegations that Jennifer Lopez had plastic surgery to increase her breast. The alleged operation could have been carried out during the holidays of 2015, but according to some bloggers and gossip columnists, she had no time for it. Jennifer was very busy during the holiday season and spent most of her time at dance rehearsals, social events and other events. Thus, there would be no time for her to recover from breast augmentation.

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery April 27, 2017 48 years old

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery April 27, 2017 48 years old

The doctor also States that the well-known for its gorgeous booty Jlo looks less saggy than some time ago. This hints at a butt lift, although Jennifer, of course, denies it. However, looking at the photos before and after, it’s hard to believe that her new, balanced booty could just be an exercise job.



The changes in Jennifer Lopez’s appearance over the years have been very subtle so as not to interfere too much in her daily life. If she had cosmetic surgery in any form, she found a great doctor. Everything is perfect. J. Lo looks just as beautiful as fifteen years ago, no traces of Botox and a nose job, which done by many celebrities.

If you don’t look closely at the photos before and after, it’s hard to determine the extent of the changes. The real clue that something has really changed is that Jennifer Lopez looks as stunningly sexy as she did fifteen years ago, before her children were born, and it’s just not natural. A forty-nine-year-old woman shouldn’t normally look as young as she is now.

Miss Lopez had many reasons for cosmetic surgery. She’s trying to get back to acting, which is notoriously difficult for those who don’t look perfect at all times, so she definitely wants to look her best for the cameras.

In addition, her stunning appearance is one of his best-selling assets. If she didn’t look her best, it would probably be harder for her to resume her acting career.

But with all that, did she have plastic surgery? The world may never know. She denies it. Her friends and family deny it. No doctor claimed to be her surgeon. Therefore, it is impossible to confirm or refute rumors about her operation. All we can think of is one way or another. Now, however, you can form your own opinion. Jennifer Lopez had plastic surgery? You decide.

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