Halle Berry the Oscar award holder’s plastic surgery

halle berry breast implants

Halle Berry is over 50, but she looks like even 16-year-old starlets can envy her! Trim figure, ample Breasts and perfect facial features. It would seem that it’s all about genes, but no, something still the actress was not inherited, and in the surgeon’s office. What exactly Holly changed in herself, we were told by the expert!

halle berry before and after

The photos of Halle clearly visible rhinoplasty-over the years, the shape of the nose has become more defined and elegant: there was a beautiful and straight back. The operation is done at a high level, since the nose does not stand out, but, on the contrary, is in perfect harmony with the other features of the actress, and you can even say that it gives a small anti-aging effect.

Another point – with age Holly began to look brighter and fresher. I think it’s about injection techniques-they are used by many stars, and Holly is no exception. I can definitely note that there was contouring, it is evidenced by high cheekbones (especially noticeable in the pictures of recent years: it cheekbones more outlined and contoured than in his youth). Also changed forehead-became high and smooth (wrinkles as if there was never), it is clearly “work” botulinum toxin.

I also noticed that the chest was different: more defined, voluminous. With the help of a push up, this effect can not be achieved, so I can assume that it is the handiwork of a plastic surgeon.

Halle Berry before and after Photos



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