George Clooney Plastic Surgery before and after Pictures

Recently,  George Timothy Clooney celebrated his birthday-he turned 57 years old, and, to give credit, he looks great! It seems that he did not change anything in his appearance over the years, but it is not quite so, something he did correct, and what exactly we learned from the expert!

“Comparing photos of George Clooney from different years, we can say for sure that he carefully monitors his appearance. There are no sharp changes, but a systematic cosmetic care on the face. If we talk about surgical procedures, we can note the plastic lower eyelids-bags under the eyes early made aware of themselves, and the actor quickly solved this problem. I think that the operation was done transconjunctival, that is, without injury to the skin of the century and no subsequent sutures on the skin. A clear facial contour and smooth skin – the result of Botox and thread lifting. Everything was done correctly and accurately — a worthy example to follow!»

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