Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery: Still Beautiful

christina el moussa plastic surgery

Christina El Moussa Before and  After Plastic Surgery

Christina El Moussa Before and  After Plastic Surgery

christina el moussa plastic surgery

Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Controversy


Tarek El Moussa and his charming wife Kristina — leading the popular TV show “blindfold Game”, which is originally called Flip or Flop. The essence of this show is that the couple buys abandoned property, leads the purchase to the proper form and tries to resell it profitably. But the characters never know if they will remain after this win or will not be able to recoup your expenses.

This program was released on television just over two years ago, but has already gained great popularity not only in the United States, where it is removed, but also far beyond the country.

Christina El Moussa was born on July 9, 1983 (age 34), Anaheim, California, USA. Spouse Tarek El Moussa (married from 2009 to 2018). She has two children: Jayden James El Moussa, Taylor Reese al Moussa.

Rumors that Kristina al-Musa’s Plastic surgery may have made cosmetic surgery spread through the media. Her fans around the world assume she did it and try to understand why she could do it. You can compare and see the changes in her appearance, compare the smallest details, to understand if there has been any surgical intervention.

Lip Job

Christina El Moussa has a beautiful huge smile from the moment I first saw her. She has always had gorgeous lips that whenever she does, you will definitely be enticed to assume that sunlight as well as moon has actually performed. She smiles so much all the time. Currently visualize what she looks like now if I let you know that her lips actually turned out to be much better. It all started when I listened to the area of her followers who could not help see the adjustments in her lips and so on her face singing about it. Before and after the photo is checked simply that too. Adjustments are mild, and also generally not easily recognizable to the eye, which is not really what it wants. For a celebrity who currently had hot lips to resort to working with her lips, she made a strong move. Her brand-new lips-is the embodiment of what I have to call the perfect assignment for the lips. Her smile is brighter than ever before, and her lips are additionally indicated.

christina el moussa plastic surgery before and after

Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Before and After Lip Job


Botox Injection

Christina El Moussa, herself may be mother concerning the cosmetic surgery claims, yet previously as well as after images talks louder compared to anybody could ever before picture. Just how would certainly you describe a 33-year-old face that has not the least trace of smile lines or creases? Yes, she is still young, yet we need to see smile lines, to state the least. Also when she was more youthful, we might see her smile lines. Currently, her face is as smooth as an infant’s butt. No creases, no smile lines. Botox shot is utilized by a lot of stars to keep a younger appearance, and also it is high most likely that Christina El Moussa experienced the exact same treatment. She constantly is a real model with or without these cosmetic surgery treatments.

Boob job

Christina El Moussa’s busts eliminate me every single time I lay my eyes on them on the net. They are abundant and also hot, to state the least. They are larger since they utilized to be. Several of her followers say that her boobs have actually expanded normally, yet I do not believe they are ideal on this. Her boobs have actually altered within a tiny time framework, which eliminates the all-natural debate. They are rounder and also raised, offering her a sexier appearance.


christina el moussa plastic surgery before and after

Christina El Moussa Before and After Surgery Procedure

Regardless of what a few of her followers need to state regarding Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery, however I concur with those that resemble the very same belief as the ones in this testimonial. She has actually not validated these accusations, however her make overs claim everything. Exactly what are several of the adjustments you’ve observed in Christina El Moussa’s looks recently?

Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos


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  1. Petty says:

    I think that Christina had plastic surgery. Only very elegant. It seems that there was a good surgeon. Although she was beautiful enough. But it’s everyone’s business, to make plastic or not.

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