bella hadid before surgery

Bella Hadid-one of the most popular models of our time. However, many believe that her beauty is unnatural. If you look at the old photos of the model, you can see that her face has clearly changed: her nose is smaller, her lips are plumper, and the oval of the face already.

bella hadid before and after

Bella Hadid before and after


It seems that Bella herself is already tired of talking about her plastic surgery. So she decided to comment on the rumors: “People think I’ve always been confident, but I had to learn. People think I got all this through surgery, that I did this or that. You know what? We can do a scan of my face, dear. I’m afraid of putting fillers on my lips. I wouldn’t want to spoil my face.”

bella hadid before surgery

Po words model, she is ashamed of his “big thighs” and “strange faces”. “I had a small waist and wide hips, I was a little plump. I like my figure now. And I thought I had a weird face. I remember I was often bullied because of my features,” admitted the model to InStyle magazine.

bella hadid before and after

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Bella Hadid Before and After

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